Clean and polished atmospheres designed to fit your life.

Interior Design

We design with a holistic view, and that is how we believe your life should be designed as well. 

There is immense value in a beautiful living space. 

Maybe you loved the open floorplan at first sight, but now you find yourself frustrated with figuring out functional furnishings that preserve the open aesthetic that originally sold you on your home. 

Or maybe you want to update the look of your home to be on point with current trends but you’re worried it will go out of style too quickly. You want to remodel and renovate your space, but you’re not even sure where to begin. 

Perhaps you abstractly know what you want, but you lack the time to design it yourself. Whatever your struggles or frustrations with home design, we are here for you. 

We can take those abstract ideas (or lack thereof) and distill them down into a space that will feel fresh and totally you. 

Our signature style is clean and polished, but we don’t believe in utilizing the same elements over and over. Immune to industry standards and trends, we remain focused on innovation within our signature style. 


We believe they make life worth living, and they definitely make spaces unique. These include all of the accents, decorative items, cushions, throw blankets, vases, and artwork.


Enhancements are the customized details and styling options.


and includes the walls, flooring, and ceiling. We’ll consider possible aspects like wooden beams, a coffered ceiling, or a wallpapered ceiling.


The shell surrounds the space


Your anchor is “the star of the show” around which everything else will be based. Anchors vary from space to space, but examples include a beautiful sectional, a chandelier, or a custom bookcase.

The anchor is the basis of your interior design.



During the consultation, we will take some minor measurements and discuss your design style. We’ll talk about what could transpire in the space to get an idea of the possible investment and type of pieces needed for the space. 

• the purpose of the space 
• how you want to live in the space 
• what matters most to you 
• what are your must-haves and non-negotiables
• your values 
• how you envision gathering in the space
• how you want to host guests
• what you already have in the space
• what you need to think about parting with


The first thing we will do is have a consultation to discuss the space. We will explore: 


The Case Method

 • plan and manage your design with intention
• create a magazine-worthy space from your vision
• inspire you to pursue a life you love

We promise to…

• working with intention
• crafting your legacy through your living space
• designing a life you love in every way

We believe in the importance of…

Schedule a Consultation

We love custom features. Whether it’s a wall of iconic images (for our film lover), a wall for crystals (for our seeker of positive energy), or a locker room door (for our football fan), we start with who you are and design with you in mind. 


We work with the intention of creating spaces that are both artistically styled and functional. We want to craft a design that is capable of being loved, lived in, and enjoyed. 


Whether your style is “urban loft” or “cozy modern farmhouse” or anything in between, we will create a curated, magazine-worthy space for your aesthetic needs. 


Your interior is designed to be:

Tell us all about the aesthetic vision and functional needs for your space. There’s no need for you to stress anymore over furnishings and finishes. We’ll do the work. We’ll develop a design for your space, and you’ll let us know if it gets you excited. 


Our Process

Once you approve the design, installation begins. Our team will tackle the flooring, lighting, custom piece installations, furniture, fabrics, and accent pieces for you. 


Relax and enjoy your new space.