Luxury events and experiences curated to suit your legacy.

Event Planning and Design

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For your next event, we are committed to helping you reimagine what it means to live with purpose by eliminating your stress and leaving you to simply enjoy your celebration. 

Celebration is an art form.

As artisans of planning and design, our team at Lauren Wesley Designs will custom tailor an experience to match your exact vision for the event. 

Since our founding, we have been fortunate to be a part of many events, including the American Black Film Festival Honors in Beverly Hills where they honored Tiffany Haddish and Omari Hardwick. Additionally, our work, including our event design at Neiman Marcus, has been published in industry magazines.

Be protective of your time, spirit, and energy. 
Let us handle the details.

• plan, design, and manage your event with intention.
• advocate relentlessly for your vision.
• inspire you (and your guests) to dream bigger and rethink possibilities. 

We promise to…

• Stress is counterproductive to celebration.
• You deserve elegant experiences.
• Intention matters.

We believe…

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We believe in designing experiences that will inspire you and your guests in the pursuit of designing a life you love. 


Our team of skilled artists and designers will plan, design, and manage your celebration with intention so that the final product is truly a custom work of art. 

Bespoke design

Our level of service is high-touch from conception to execution, with each detail and special moment developed and executed with unrelenting advocacy for your vision. We will customize your event and rely on power vendors to realize your dream.

True to you

It is important to be protective of your time, spirit, and energy and, far too often, celebrations become a source of stress. We promise to take the stress out of celebrating by designing and planning an event that leaves you free to simply enjoy it.


Your luxury event is guaranteed to be:

We believe they make life worth living, and they definitely make your event memorable. 


Enhancements are the details and customized options no one will forget.


and includes the flooring, the drapery, any ceiling installations, as well as who surrounds you as you celebrate. In addition to visual design, we help you design a guest list you will not regret.


The shell surrounds the space


We will work to identify the anchors for both the event and space. The event anchor is the main event around which everything is based, and the room anchor refers to the showstopper in the room. 
Possible room anchors include:
• seating for the guest of honor
• the dance floor 
• large centerpieces 
• an installation 

Anchors are the essential elements of event design.



• the purpose of the event
• how you want to feel
• how you want your guests to feel
• what matters to you the most
• what you love
• what you hate
• the deeper intention behind gathering and celebrating
• your design style
• kind of venue you would like


The first thing we will do is have a consultation to discuss your event. We will explore: 


The Case Method

Relax and enjoy your event, knowing that Lauren Wesley Designs has you covered.


This is where you wait. We make the magic happen down to the smallest detail. We’ll locate the perfect venue and entertainment, get in touch with the necessary vendors, and manage the event stationary or publicity for the event. 


Tell us all about your event, goals, budget, and timeline. We’ll develop a 360⁰ view of your planned experience and you’ll let us know if we hit the nail on the head in interpreting your vision.


Our Process