Lauren Wesley Designs is an Atlanta, Georgia-based interior design and event planning company committed to curating atmospheres and experiences for every area of life. 

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A Design Story

While serving as a hairstylist and makeup artist for countless brides that Jameelah Davis discovered the beauty and ethereal nature of event design. She joined forces with her friend, Ebonee Clark, and the two of them began curating events. 

The women quickly realized the powerhouse they formed. Their combined artistic insight made them successful with event design and, before long, interior design. With their passion kindled for design, they began creating beauty in spaces of all sizes. 

In truth, it was a return to their first love.

Artists at Heart

Jameelah and Ebonee both had an artistic upbringing, competing in art competitions locally and nationally in high school. After college, they tried pursuing other endeavors in life but lifestyle design, through interiors and events, reignited their passion for art. 

Since co-founding Lauren Wesley Designs, the two of them have made it their goal to create beautiful works of art in spaces and experiences - and to help clients design a life they love. 

Our team designs with a holistic view, and that is how we feel that your life should be designed as well. 

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Our interior designs present a clean and polished aesthetic, taking your vision and turning it into a magazine-worthy space that is both artistically styled and functional. We work with intentionality to craft a beautiful design that is capable of being loved, lived in, and enjoyed. 

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Our custom experiences will inspire you and your guests to dream bigger and rethink what is possible. Our mission to eliminate your stress, leaving you to simply enjoy your celebration. Our team’s artistic experience enables them to design and execute memorable events adapted to your personal style and vision. 

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As Lifestyle Designers, we don’t simply want to create lives that look pretty - although we excel at beautifully polished interiors and awe-inspiring events - but ones that feel good, too.

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Lifestyle Designers

Jameelah Davis

Lifestyle Designer + Co-founder

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Spelman College

Jameelah Davis is a multi-passionate entrepreneur responsible for several successful business ventures within the beauty and design industries. 

After her daughter, Ryen, passed away from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Jameelah co-founded Ryen’s Divine Angels, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of miscarriages and infant loss through awareness, education, and research.

Jameelah uses her heartbreak as fuel for a life of purpose and inspiration, helping others to design a life they truly love in every way. 

Ebonee Clark

Lifestyle Designer + Co-founder

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design, Savannah College of Art and Design

Ebonee has always lived in her own lane when it comes to fashion, style, and design. Ebonee’s fashions designs have been featured in Teen Vogue and she was chosen as one of SCAD's top 25 designers to display her work at Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta. As part of Factor Model Management, she has graced countless runways and appeared as the cover girl for numerous magazines. 

After the life-changing premature birth of her daughter, Ebonee took life by the hand and made the career move to lifestyle design, helping people create beautiful spaces and memorable experiences through intention.